About me

During my BA in Translation and Liaison Interpreting (summa cum laude) from the School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators, Bologna University, Italy, I spent one year at the of Modern Languages, Exeter University, UK. I then worked as translator and in a customer service position in Berlin for 6 months, before working in-house for Italian-based translation agencies.

I then embarked on a MA in Translation (Distinction) from Swansea University, UK, while working as freelance translator, project manager and blogger for UK and Italy-based translation agencies. In 2012 my industry blog Squirrel Translations (https://squirreltranslations.wordpress.com/) was ranked among the Top 25 Language Professionals Blogs (https://en.bab.la/news/top-25-language-professionals-blogs-2012). I also penned an article for the book “Mox II: What they don’t tell you about translation” by Alejandro Moreno-Ramos (http://mox.ingenierotraductor.com/p/mox-ii.html).

After one year as in-house translator in a translation team specialising in medical, scientific and technical texts, I also gained more experience in positions focusing on multilingual customer service and marketing.

I am currently based in the North of Italy and a proud member of the professional association TradInFo.