Translation and editing for medicine, cosmetics, travel and tourism

Translation from English and German into Italian

  • Making sure that your Italian audience gets the full impact of your copy, from social media posts to regular reports and entire websites

Keyword translation

  • I use tools to identify the most effective options for your needs and either integrate them into my translation or provide them as a standalone list


  • If you’d like a second pair of eyes, I’ll go through the text to assess the content and/or check for omissions, typos or inaccuracies


  • If you want your text to really shine, I’d be happy to polish it for you, adapting it to the tone of voice you’re looking for

Medicine & healthcare

Translating potentially life-saving information requires both precision and in-depth knowledge. Having a subject matter professional by your side makes sure the process is smooth and straightforward, whether you need a one-off medical report or monthly trial results for your Italian office.

I work in partnership with a medical consultant to ensure impeccable accuracy and consistent medical terminology, giving you peace of mind that your audience will always get the message. Work with me on:

  • Patient information leaflets
  • Clinical trials
  • Academic articles
  • Medical records
  • Instructions for medical equipment
  • Device user interfaces

Beauty & cosmetics, focusing on natural and organic products

A lot of time and resources go into developing a new haircare product or skincare line, from researching new ingredients to investing in ad campaigns and social media marketing. Taking that product to a new market is a whole new process, and an ineffective translation can risk wasting all of your hard work.

I’ve attended the Cosmoprof and Sana trade fairs,I lead a green lifestyle and I’m both a consumer and producer of organic cosmetics, so I know how to create the perfect linguistic recipe for your brand.

Have a look at my portfolio.

  • Product descriptions
  • Teasers
  • Company bios
  • Newsletters
  • Beauty ritual descriptions
  • Skincare instructions
  • Haircare ad campaigns
  • Make-up tutorials
  • Baby care packaging

Travel & tourism

Accurate information and eye-catching content for potential visitors is more important than ever before. When tourists have so much choice, make sure your business stands out.

My clients in this sector include and I’m a passionate traveller with a love of all kinds of experiences, from 5-star hotels to camping, from trekking holidays to my honeymoon in Madagascar. I know what draws visitors to a destination, and I can draw them to yours.

  • Hotel and B&B websites
  • Information on local tours, museums and sightseeing locations
  • Tour operator and travel agency terms and conditions
  • FAQs
  • COVID guidelines
  • Restaurant websites

Extra support

I can team up with a proofreader on request for maximum peace of mind

I can advise you on the Italian market and how to improve your original copy

I can work with your designers or IT department in InDesign and WordPress

Can’t find what you need? I have a wide network of colleagues who work with other languages, subject matters and services. I’d be happy to point you in the right direction – just ask.