Considero Chiara una professionista seria e affidabile. Puntuale nelle consegne, precisa nel lavoro e sempre flessibile nella collaborazione con la nostra agenzia di traduzioni Schweickhardt GmbH.
Alessia Battaglia, Project Manager, Schweickhardt GmbH

Chiara ha tradotto per noi diverse etichette per spezie, erbe aromatiche e infusi dell’azienda Sonnentor. I testi presentavano riferimenti culturali e giochi di parole che Chiara ha reso molto bene in italiano. Siamo soddisfatti del suo lavoro e in futuro continueremo a rivolgerci a lei.
Elisa Zogno, owner of Life in Bio, distributor of Sonnentor products

“Vorrei cogliere l’occasione per dirti che mi piace molto il tuo modo di lavorare. Non è da tutti visualizzare tutti i testi e chiarire domande prima della traduzione. Grazie!!”
Marco Lupo, Project Manager, Kolibri Online GmbH

“Chiara Vecchi and I worked together at W&B and she is a very good translator. She worked on several texts in the medical field, thanks to her very good knowledge of English and German and, obviously, of Italian. She delivers accurate jobs and is a good team worker.”
Simona Zanna, owner of Italy-based translation agency Words&Bytes

“Very professional translator who always meets the deadline. It is a pleasure to work with Chiara!”
Virginie Lochou, at the time Team Leader Freelancing at Booking.com

“Chiara has always been a quality-oriented and accurate translator. She has delivered several technical documents and I was impressed by the quality of her work. She has never missed a deadline and her excellent communications skills make her invaluable. I would highly recommend her to other businesses looking for an efficient and reliable professional.”
Valerio Ciucci, Direct Customer

“I collaborated with Chiara on several jobs, where a team of translators was required. She always delivered on time and produced translations of outstanding quality. I couldn’t have wished for a better partner! Chiara was also always open to critique and willing to offer her advice, often using her own time to help out where she could. I hope to get the chance to work with her again in the future!”
Sara Imperatori, Translator

“I have worked with Miss Vecchi in several capacities and have found her to be an exceptionally gifted linguist and a highly motivated colleague. Most recently, I outsourced some translation work to Miss Vecchi – commentary and subtitling for a medical documentary – and both myself and my client were very pleased with the result. Her standard of translation is excellent and her professionalism extends to her prompt responses and thorough approach to every project. I would be delighted to collaborate with her in the future and would highly recommend her language services.”
Charlotte Moore, Translator

“Chiara is always great to work with. She responds quickly to emails and is honest about her abilities in every situation. I have only been working at Veritas a short while but I already know that Chiara is an excellent translator with thorough knowledge of her working languages as well as a great writing style in her native Italian. Proofreading is another well-honed skill that Chiara brings to our company, she is methodical and detailed in her feedback and makes Project Management much simpler. I would recommend Chiara for any translation or proofreading work as well as anything else she turns her hand to in the future.”
Laura Forryan, at the time Project Manager at the Wales-based translation agency Veritas Language Solutions

“Chiara is a talented language specialist with a very positive attitude to work. Her dedication and attention to details, together with her amazing language and organizational skills, make her an excellent translator and project manager.”
Valerio Chervino, at the time Senior Project Manager at the Wales-based translation agency Veritas Language Solutions

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